On VATSIM, Tower control is set up on 118.100 at Tribhuvan. To ensure that our tower controllers provide the highest quality of service, they need to be aware of the airspace structure and procedures to an extent that allows them to do their job on the VATSIM network. This allows them to be aware if a pilot is using an invalid routing before they issue them an IFR clearance, hence ensuring that there are no risks of collision between arrivals and departure traffic and that the pilot fully understands their departure route as per the IFR clearance if ground control is offline.

Selects suitable active runway

In VATSIM Nepal vACC, we have no preferential runway system. However, to select the runway to be used, it is based on the following formula: Runway heading – Wind heading = difference.

The runway providing the least difference is to be used.

Generates ATIS

In VATSIM Nepal vACC, we use vATIS which can be downloaded from here. Manual from here.

Issues appropriate Tower instructions where/when required